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Black Drusy
(Psilomelane & Onyx)

There are two types of black drusy, psilomelane and onyx. Psilomelane drusy is a rich, natural-black metallic mineral (like hematite) covered with quartz crystals; Black onyx drusy has both quartz crystal and matrix.

Mined sporadically in only one place in the world, psilomelane drusy is found in a small area of New Mexico. Gem-quality psilomelane drusy is very rare; only 2% is pure black, without its usual intermingling of a grey-white. This black drusy usually forms with a textured surface , and less in flat planes. When the beveled sides of the cabochon are high-polished, you can often see the "gun-metal" shimmer of its metallic content.

Black onyx drusy is actually a dyed-black agate from Brazil, and the most prevalent type of black drusy found on the market. It is the same black onyx you are familiar with that is commonly used in jewelry.

Both types of black drusy have the "swimming pool effect" in common. What appears to be black sparkling crystals on the surface are actually clear quartz crystals that reflect the black gemstone below. This is just like the clear surface water of a swimming pool appearing blue, reflecting the color of the pool bottom underneath.

Just like other gem colors, black can vary in its intensity and saturation. As you compare black drusy side-by-side, you will be able to distinguish an array of color variations from charcoal gray to jet black.

We also offer:
Platinum and Black Drusy--stunning platinum layered onto natural drusy, surrounded in high polished black onyx or psilomelane.

Psilomelane drusy: 100% natural (completely untreated)
Onyx drusy:

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