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Earth Tones (Drusy Quartz)

Only a very small portion of fine crystal drusy quartz has strong colors or the warm esthetically pleasing pastel earth tones often seen in fashion. These highly coveted colors that inspire exquisite jewelry are our specialty.

Despite the fact that more drusy quartz is continually mined than all the other colored drusies combined, the gem quality of rich earth tones in drusy quartz is very hard to find. It's almost as rare as hitting the jackpot in a slot machine.

A number of factors contribute to the rarity of the rich colors of drusy quartz. When first found in the earth, natural geodes look like solid, round rocks. Most of these are truly solid, with only 5% or so being hollow with crystals forming on the inside. Only a fraction of these will have formed with the fine unblemished drusy crystals that create the unforgettable drusy sparkle. However, the majority are unattractive off-white or a washed out gray. Only a choice few provide the finest shades of gem quality drusy quartz.

In order to offer you these wonderful colors, we carefully hand select the rough overseas in the mining areas. Here is a sample of some of the colors of drusy quartz you'll often find at our booth at either the Tucson Gem Show (February) or JCK Las Vegas (June):
Butterscotch--creamy yellows for a summer picnic
Tangerine Dreams--juicy and refreshing; imagine a splash of succulent citrus slices.
Sandy Beach--You can almost feel the tides lapping at your feet. Delicate, warm, and unique.
Tasty Caramel--autumn treats ranging from caramel to pumpkin, so delectable they'll melt in your mouth.
Cherrywood--saturated orange with earthy wood undertones.
Dijon--deep warm mustard hues.
Mocha--rich chocolate-brown colors, some with a hint of root beer red.
Lilac Blue Chalcedony Drusy--a delicate pastel lilac from South Africa, this drusy is as beautiful as it is rare. Some pieces have natural white drusy ңloudsӠfloating across its lilac sky.
Carnelian---tasty seasonal color treats of orange and chestnut. These invitingly warm hues are perfect for the cozy holidays.
Scenic drusy--While all exotics are unique, this category is even more one-of-a-kind. They have an artistic visual quality whose composition comes from multi-colored patterns. Scenic drusies resemble minature paintings that can be framed in precious metals. You'll love the special design possibilities.

Drusy Quartz: 100% natural (completely untreated)

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