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Green Uvarovite Garnet

The rarest and least known of the three green garnets (tsavorite and demantoid being the other two), uvarovite drusy gemstone is new to "the West" as a jewelry stone. Uvarovite is not only a classic chrome green, but it has the highest refractive index of all the garnets.

Uvarovite is so incredibly popular because it has the look of thousands of brilliant, tiny paved emeralds. Just as the gemstone alexandrite was named after the Czar Alexander, uvarovite is named after the Russian Count Uvarov of the mid 1800's. This stone hails from the rugged environment of the Ural Mountains.

Unlike some of the other drusies, the majority of uvarovite will form in spotty patches where you can see the black matrix showing through. Top-grade uvarovite pieces feature a scintillating, bright-green pave of fine mesh garnet crystals that cover the rock matrix completely.

As always, the finer qualities are scarce, but our strong relationship with our Russian sources ensures us a first pick of that crucial top 3% for you.

Uvarovite Green Garnet: 100% natural (completely untreated)

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