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Titania (tm) Drusy

A synergy of nature and technology creates a spectacular, high-impact gemstone. Titania is a fusion of finely crystallized drusy quartz and titanium, a natural metallic element (like gold, platinum, and silver) mixed with oxygen.

The process is a high-tech process done in a vacuum-deposition chamber. The titanium evaporates and forms a fine layer, molecularly bonding to the drusy quartz. This results in a shifting play of brilliant colors when viewed from different directions.

Select from two colors:
Royal Purple
Caribbean (teal green/violet).

The Caribbean is available in two styles, one as a cabochon with pure drusy surface or one with a combination of a high-polished and drusy surface. Our cyber-drusy has incredible receptivity in the marketplace. The acceptance of this high-tech enhancement is widespread, due to its intense electric colors and dramatic impact.

Titania Drusy: Coated Gemstone

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